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Security Misconceptions
Most of us believe that the average burglar is a "Master Criminal" who watches your movements for days and plans his burglary to the last detail.  In reality, a burglar is usually someone looking for an easy way into your home to steal your belongings without being observed or disturbed.  If the right actions are taken, you can substantially reduce the chance of your home being robbed.  The more you can do to dissuade a prospective thief, the safer you are.

Some criminals have realized that they don't have to go to all the trouble of breaking into your house if they can simply get you to invite them in!  Most people assume that doorstep crooks only prey on the elderly, wealthy, and vulnerable, but anyone can become a victim, and all of us can take simple steps to prevent the crime.

Criminals may pose as workmen, officials checking your water or electricity, and sometimes burglars will pose as people in distress, they might fake an injury or an illness, tell you their car is broken down, that they need to use your phone or have a glass of water.  Do not open your door to them!  If they say they are hurt or sick, tell them you will call the police or an ambulance for them.  If they say their car is broken down, tell them you will call a tow truck.  If they need water, tell them you have a hose on the side of the house or where the closest convenience store is located. Don't let callers pressure you into letting them in.

  • Do not let strangers in to use the bathroom or phone.
  • Stamp "Do Not Duplicate" on your keys.
  • Keep house keys separate from car keys.
  • Do not lend keys other than to those you trust WELL.