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Staying Safe
Studies show burglars will commit crimes somewhere else when confronted with a burglar alarm system - particularly business and home security systems that are monitored. Defend your peace of mind, your well-being, and your assets with Security Systems have been proven to deter theft, burglaries, and violent home invasion robberies. Other preventative measures should be taken as well:

In and around your home:
  • Clearly display your house number for emergency personnel to locate your home quickly.
  • Keep emergency numbers accessible.
  • Lock all windows when leaving and at night.
  • Install motion sensors or photoelectric lights outside.
  • Install a monitored security alarm system.
  • Trim plants and tree limbs close to your house.
  • Plant prickly shrubs under windows.
  • Do not leave keys outdoors (or hide under doormat).
  • If keys are lost, change all locks.
  • Do not advertise a garage sale as a "moving sale".
  • Repair window glass and door or window locks.

Personal Safety Tips:
  • Do not let strangers in to use the bathroom or phone.
  • Stamp "Do Not Duplicate" on your keys.
  • Keep house keys on a separate key ring.
  • Lend keys only to trusted people.